Every Zodiac Signs Tarot Horoscope for April 17 2023

The Major and Minor Arcana cards have been used to create your tarot horoscope. Continue reading to find out what your free tarot horoscope for April 17, 2023 predicts for your Sun, Moon, or Rising sign on Monday.


The Star is a Tarot card.

Today, your inner voice is strong and distinct. The question is whether you will pay attention to what you hear. Your life is taking a new turn, and you’re afraid of leaving the familiar to seize an opportunity.

Aries, the cosmos is pouring wisdom into your heart. So, be honest with yourself when you feel a small pull to pursue a bright future. You’re scared, yet this is the beginning of a fantastic beginning.


Temperance is a Tarot card.

Don’t overthink things. Gut reactions are your primal instincts, and they are quite powerful. Because you’ve made a few mistakes in the past, it doesn’t imply you can’t trust yourself now.

You’ve learnt to listen to yourself, haven’t you? So, when you feel compelled to take action, do so!


The Hierophant is a Tarot card.

You are a contemporary thinker, although you enjoy old traditions on occasion. Today, you go back in time to examine what worked and what didn’t. You want to see how it feels to be a strict rule-follower.

Perhaps this means letting your partner pay for the date, opening doors for you, or electing to stay at home to be a parent for a while without worrying about the impact on your work.


The Tarot card of Judgement

You must reason for yourself. People form opinions, such as yours, based on their information, education, and experience. If someone’s point of view does not resonate with yours, you have the right to refuse their advise.

You can choose to learn on your own, but keep in mind that you must also accept responsibility for the outcomes.


The Lovers Tarot Card

Leo, you can only date multiple individuals for so long. When you spend all of your free time with one person over others, you may form a relationship.

Is that fair to your other potential loves? If not, this is the day to determine whether to become exclusive or to slow down and take a step back.


The Hanged Man is a Tarot card.

Nobody enjoys waiting, Virgo. You have the impression that you are squandering both time and energy. Detach emotionally from friends that do not value your time and effort.

You may disappoint them at first, but consider your own needs as well. You’re ready to prioritize your schedule. It’s pointless to waste a day because someone else did not show up.


The Tower is a Tarot card.

Bad news can strike without warning, and learning of someone’s misfortune can leave you feeling raw, heartbroken, and befuddled.

You’ll want to help right away, but if you can’t, trust that the cosmos will guide people through their darkest hours. You can be a supportive friend who accepts them exactly as they are.


The Wheel of Fortune is a Tarot card.

You never know when fate and destiny will collide, but something extraordinary happens today to bring your life’s purpose into view.

Pay attention to signs from the cosmos if you’re confused what to do next. It is speaking to you.


The Magician is a Tarot card.

You have so many abilities and skills that it’s difficult to envision finding a profession that allows you to use them all.

Today, you fill the vacuum left by your lack of creative expression by immersing yourself in a home improvement project. Have pleasure imagining and realizing a dream.


Tarot card: The Devil

Capricorn, peer pressure is real. Try not to give in to your feelings of longing. You may desire to return to the past and an ex, believing that it is far superior to where you are today. However, recollections can deceive.

You quickly forget the terrible times. Concentrate on the present moment and try not to revert to the poisonous routines you left behind. Maintain your initial decision.


Three of Swords tarot card

You are willing to give someone a second opportunity, even if they have been disloyal. You can see it in their eyes.

You may not know if you will ever be able to truly trust again. You might be able to overcome the betrayal and find love again with time.


Two of Swords (Tarot)

This has been a perplexing week. You’ve changed your mind a few times, but now you’re ready to make a firm decision.

Because change is tough, it will remain an internal struggle for some time. However, once you begin, you will accept your decision.

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