How to Propose Your Partner Based on Their Zodiac Sign?

When you find “the one” you want to spend the rest of your life with and want to do nothing but make that person feel special, you know you’ve been blessed.

So, if you’re thinking about proposing to your loved one and aren’t sure whether you should do a simple date, a flash mob, or a rom-com scene, don’t worry because astrology is about to help you get way more creative and spontaneous as we’re here with our guide for each zodiac sign to give you a fair idea about the dominant traits of your crush or lover to help you impress them.


Aries are extroverts who prefer strong relationships and are known for their bold personalities. If you are interested in them, nothing will make them happier than a trip to their favorite thrilling location. So put on your diving suit for a proposal and go on a diving date.


These people are not big spenders and have a simple and calm personalities with a practical approach. So avoid anything involving a lot of money when proposing to a Taurean, as it might not go down well. Choose a romantic picnic to ask for their hand in marriage while watching the sunset, for example.


These people are also known as social butterflies, and they are romantic at heart. So, one thing that Geminis enjoy is informing their friends and family about anything that happens to them. You should prepare to show off your dinner party with friends and family proposal, complete with a one-of-a-kind gift.


If you are in love with a Cancerian and are ready to ask them the question, you should already be aware of how emotional and sensitive they are. The key to getting a Cancer to say yes is to first make sure they are in a good mood, and then to keep things simple but meaningful. Why not propose on a significant holiday or day?


Leos enjoy small gestures such as snuggling and cuddling, which makes them feel valued. Why not leave some cuddly toys for your partner to find, along with letters expressing your feelings, flowers, and a ring? They’ll be in tears and ready to give you a nod.


Because Virgos are perfectionists with a strong sense of intuition, you’ll need to be extremely careful with your proposal if you want it to be a surprise. Choose a genuine private proposal and, if possible, a spontaneous one when you have the ideal moment together.

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