Misunderstood Aspects Of Each Birth Month


While you are a natural leader, you would appreciate it if someone offered to take the lead on occasion. It’s not that you’ll want to give up power, but the absence of offers of assistance can make you feel like you’re the only one who cares–which isn’t good.


There is a limit to what you will put up with as a caring spouse and friend. People seem to think they can do or say anything and you’ll still stick with them. However, just like everyone else, you have a limit.


Just because you keep your emotions to yourself doesn’t imply you don’t have any. Because you don’t always express how you feel, friends and family may believe you have no viewpoint at all. Worse, people may believe you are cold. You are not–you are simply cautious.


You are not risky simply because you respond quickly and make decisions effortlessly. While others dither, you’re there to guide everyone to a choice. Indecisive people will conclude that you are not thinking before acting, but this is not the case. You’re amazing at thinking on your feet.


While you’re skilled at making new friends, that doesn’t imply you don’t care about your old ones. Finally, you’ll do anything for a select few. Someone who winds up in your inner circle is set for life. Everyone else is merely a bonus.


While you’re excellent at reading the room, that doesn’t mean you’re passing judgment on everyone. Your empathy levels are at an all-time high, and even the smallest mood fluctuation will be detected. The issue arises when people believe you are judging them by addressing the energy. You’re not nearly as harsh as they believe.


People should not be cautious around you because you are sensitive. The thought that individuals may be avoiding speaking things to you in order to spare your feelings makes you uneasy. Even if you have an emotional reaction, what’s the harm in feeling something?


You’re a devoted friend, but that doesn’t mean you’ll agree to anything. People like to ask for favors for everything from assisting them in moving during a blizzard to loan them hundreds of dollars they never mean to repay. People may believe you’re an easy target, but you’re not.


While you may claim that something isn’t a big concern or that you’re just going with the flow, you’re deliberately overthinking everything. You try to mask your worry and self-censorship, but your true close circle is well aware that you are second-guessing every text and encounter.


You may be fortunate, but it doesn’t mean you don’t work hard. Sure, it appears that nice things just happen to you, but you play a role in making them happen by working hard. Things aren’t as simple as they appear.


Just because you’re calm and smiling on the outside doesn’t mean you’re not raging on the inside. When you’re mad, you can’t feel most other emotions freely and without restraint. You keep your wrath hidden and out of sight, which may not be the greatest thing for you, but it’s who you are.


Just because you dislike following laws and regulations does not imply that you are untrustworthy. While you dislike authority, you are still a responsible person who gets things done. Anyone who believes you are a delinquent is misinformed.

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