Top 10 Trainable Pet Birds

Birds are very clever animals, with some species being especially trainable. Many bird owners appreciate the relationship that a trained bird has with them, thus species that are capable of learning make perfect pets for individuals seeking that type of experience.

Some trainable birds are huge, but size does not imply the capacity to communicate or perform tricks. Both small and large birds can be taught to undertake a variety of tasks. Check out this list of the top ten trainable pet birds to pick the best one for you.


Macaws are native to Central and South America and are among the largest pet birds. They are also among the brightest. These vibrant parrots are extremely social, enjoy spending time with their owners, and can be trained to chat, perch, imitate, and perform a variety of other tasks.

Macaws may also be very noisy and require a lot of space to expand their wings, so they are not suitable for every family.

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African Grey Parrots

Alex, a well-known African grey, contributed to the popularity of this breed because to its trainability. African greys can easily learn to converse and mimic noises, and with some more training, they can even learn colors and count.

These birds require a lot of social and cerebral stimulation, so training sessions are ideal for bonding with a pet African grey while also offering enrichment.

Amazon Parrots

While there are several subspecies of Amazon parrots, they are all incredibly trainable birds. These stocky birds have challenging personalities, but they are also incredibly gregarious and intelligent.

Their owners’ regular attention is frequently required, and they thoroughly appreciate psychologically taxing toys as well as training sessions.


Cockatoos have a lot of personality, but they are also quite trainable. They all have a distinctive crest on top of their heads that they will hold erect for a number of reasons including as fear, excitement, and aggression. Because they are having so much fun, they will frequently hold their crest up while doing a training activity.

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Budgerigars, who are native to Australia, are small but mighty birds because their size does not limit their ability to be trained to talk or do tricks.

Budgies, sometimes known as parakeets, may learn up to 200 words and, due to their small size, are not as loud as their larger counterparts.

They also take up less room, are less expensive than larger birds, and are widely available from pet stores. All of these factors combine to make budgerigars one of the most popular trainable bird species.

Mynah Birds

The mynah bird, sometimes referred to as the world’s brightest bird, is arguably the most trainable pet bird available.

Mynah birds are not as prevalent as other birds as pets, although they can be obtained from select breeders. These birds require a lot of mental stimulation and space to explore, but if you choose to care for one of these very intelligent birds, they are readily tamed.


The cockatiel is an extremely smart tiny bird that is sometimes underestimated in its trainability due to its popularity in pet stores.

It is slightly larger than a budgerigar and can easily learn to mimic, converse, and do simple tricks. Because of these characteristics, the cockatiel is a popular choice for folks who want the beauty of a cockatoo but not the size or life term commitment.


Conures come in a variety of species, but the majority are considered to be quite gregarious, energetic, and quick learners.

Younger conures, like other birds, are often easier to train, although many species enjoy to pick things up with their feet, thus some will learn to perform specific tricks. Conures aren’t the finest communicators, but if you don’t want a chatty bird, these little to medium-sized birds can be trained to do a variety of other things.

Indian Ringnecks

Indian ringneck parrots have higher pitched voices than other birds and are more trainable, as seen by the ring around their neck.

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Ringnecks may not begin talking until they are about one year old, but once they do, they can be outstanding communicators. They can also learn a variety of skills and participate in training sessions with their owners.


Eclectus parrots are well-known for their striking sexual dimorphism, but they are also extremely trainable birds. These vibrant parrots excel at communicating and learning new habits.

This means that they can easily learn how to do or say something you tell them, but they will also teach themselves, as do many other birds. This implies you must avoid repeating or reinforcing any undesired words or behaviors.

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