Body Language Cues to Use on a First Date for a Positive Outcome

“Is everything going well? He or she is laughing at my jokes, and what I stated about being a fun-gi didn’t make him or her leave. “Do I have a clean slate?” You could be thinking in the bathroom while on your first date.

Sure, what people say is a good indicator of how they feel (unless they’re politicians), but if you want to know how your date is going, the first date body language clues will suffice.

How To Assess Your Date’s First Date Body Language 

Before we begin, remember that body language indications of attraction are not set in stone and are likely not as black and white as you believe. A person’s body language is influenced by a variety of things, and just because they appear tense does not necessarily mean they aren’t interested in you.

Perhaps they’re fidgety by nature, or perhaps they’re one of those introverts who despise making eye contact (don’t we all relate to some extent?). While your date’s body language might be a good predictor of how things went, the overall vibe is usually the best indicator.

That being said, it would also be criminal to dismiss the entire affair. Let’s look at the main components of a person’s body language that can tell you if there will be a second date or if you’ll be meeting Casper the ghost soon.

1. Open gestures are a positive sign

When looking for body language clues for attraction, open gestures should be the first thing someone notices. They have open arms, open hands, open palms, and are not fidgeting or moving their legs.

It’s usually a good indicator for your date if the individual across from you appears relaxed and in charge. One of the most clear signals that someone likes you is when their feet are subconsciously pointed toward you. However, if their feet are pointing toward an exit, let’s just say you need to step it up a notch.

2. Eye contact is your way in

During your date, maintain eye contact. In other news, water is dripping. Although we are all aware of this, try not to gaze at your date the entire evening. You can come out as someone they need to block right away.

Nonetheless, eye contact isn’t as black and white as you might think. There could be several explanations for the lack of eye contact. It might be because the person is reluctant, or because they like you but are timid, or the third and most difficult possibility: they’re simply not interested.

As previously said, there are several levels to what goes on behind a person’s body language. Even if you see eye contact on your date, you can dig deeper and examine the type of eye contact you saw. Was that a commanding stare? Or were you just looking at each other? A flirty stare and flirting with the eyes are more easier to detect.

3. The awkward silences don’t necessarily spell doom

Along with examining a person’s nonverbal signs, it’s also crucial to examine how they say. The spectrum of analyzing a person’s body language does not rely just on a single part of it; it must be viewed as a whole.

If, in addition to the unpleasant silences, you see a lot of eye contact and calm body language, the silence may not imply as much as you believe it does. Perhaps your date is pondering how to introduce a new topic of discussion or is simply awkward at first.

4. Leaning in is perhaps the best body language cue of attraction

When you’re interested in something, it’s normal for you to want to move closer to it. You lean toward them as an unconscious manner of demonstrating interest, just as you automatically point your feet toward your date or someone you like.

It’s one of those fascinating subconscious responses our bodies produce, demonstrating that when someone enjoys something, they most surely show it through their body language. It means “Tell me more” or “Yes, I’m listening to you.”

If your date closes the gap between you and attempts to lean forward, it’s probably the best indicator. When a guy leans into you, you won’t have to worry about how to read his body language.

5. The face tells you all you need to know 

During a first date, a person’s face contains enough information to tell you everything you need to know. No, people don’t think you’re dull because you’re wearing a phony smile. It’s very likely that they’re just being polite.

A humorous smirk, raised brows, a brief period of eye contact, a smile, or a frown are all indications that successfully convey what a person is thinking. Be aware of the cues a person gives, as well as how you behave, because it is your conduct that they are reacting to in the first place.

When someone doesn’t like you, it’s fairly obvious. Consider the polar opposite of everything we’ve discussed today. Rigid body, tight posture, no eye contact, lip pursing, fidgeting, phubbing, the works.

It is all about the overall vibe of a person’s first date body language. The golden rule is that if it feels wonderful, it most likely was. Did you have crossed arms but the conversation continued naturally? Don’t overthink it; it was most likely a pleasant date.

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