10 Cat Breeds That Have Blue Eyes 

Kittens have blue eyes when they are first born. It’s possible for them to maintain that appearance throughout their lives, but it’s much more likely that their eye color will alter as they age and their bodies produce more melanin.

Adult cats with blue eyes aren’t widespread. When it does happen, it is because of their genetics, which most of the time indicates that the cat in question is a pointed breed.


The eyes of a Balinese, which are characteristically dark blue, are always pointed in the Balinese breed of cat. A natural genetic mutation occurred in purebred Siamese cats, which led to the development of their remarkably gorgeous long coats. Siamese cats are known for their striking beauty.

These cats, who are of a medium size, are more than simply a gorgeous face. The bright, inquisitive, active, and loving nature of Balinese cats makes them excellent candidates for the role of family pet.


The Birman is yet another aesthetically pleasing breed of pointed cat with blue eyes. This particular long-haired cat can be found in any one of six various hues, but the mittens on its paws are always white.

The precise origins of the breed are unknown, however it is speculated that it originated in France after Siamese cats were mixed with Burmese cats that had been imported from Burma.

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The Birman is a kind, jovial, and loving breed. Their meows aren’t as as loud as those of their Balinese and Siamese ancestors, but they are still a vocal breed overall.


Siamese and Persian cats were used as parents in the breeding program that produced the pointed Himalayan. There are certain organizations who do not acknowledge the breed as being distinct from the Persian.

The eyes of a Himalayan cat are always a brilliant shade of blue, and its long, dense coat can be any one of a number of different colors. Himmies are typically very affectionate creatures as well as playful ones.

They are, nevertheless, capable of getting into mischief if they are not provided with an adequate amount of enrichment and attention. Because of its thick coat, this breed requires extensive grooming on a regular basis in order to look its best.

Ojos Azules

The Ojos Azules, which translates to “blue eyes” in Spanish, is a rare breed of cat, and the standard for the breed is still being worked on. Despite not having pointed or solid white coloring, its eyes are always an extraordinarily intense shade of blue.

This is despite the fact that they are not pointed. The first kitten of this breed was born in 1984 to a tortoiseshell cat that had been living in a feral colony in New Mexico. All of the kittens in the litter had piercing blue eyes, just like the mother.

These cats went on to have litters that included kittens with a wide range of markings, including what are arguably the bluest eyes ever seen in any breed of cat.


One of the most well-known and well-liked types of cats, the Persian is distinguished by its plush and silky coat, its characteristic smushed-up face, and its friendly and outgoing personality.

The majority of white Persians have blue eyes. It is well known that Persians are calm, caring people who do not make unreasonable demands. They frequently like nothing more than squeezing themselves into their owner’s lap in order to receive some affection.

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Due to the luxurious coat, you will need to be prepared for a high-maintenance grooming routine in order to keep it looking its best.


It would be unusual to find a cat with a more relaxed demeanor than the ragdoll. It’s easy to fall for these lovely kitties and their large blue eyes because they have such a magnetic presence.

The sociable and clever dispositions of these animals are sometimes compared to that of dogs. It’s not out of the ordinary for ragdolls to execute tricks in exchange for treats.

It is essential to provide these active and social cats with lots of company during the day as well as plenty of enrichment activities at home in order to keep them from being bored.


For decades, the beloved Siamese breed has won the hearts of cat lovers all over the world. Is it any wonder, given that it possesses such attractive almond-shaped blue eyes, pointed coloring, an elegant physique, and a social nature?

They are known fondly as Meezers, because they are exceptionally observant and inquisitive. They also thrive when they are the center of attention, and they are not bashful about letting you know when they want more hugs and kisses from you.

They have a wide variety of vocalizations, including a loud meow, and they do not appreciate being ignored.

Snowshoe Cat

The snowshoe cat was created by crossing Siamese cats with the American shorthair. These cats usually have blue eyes, which distinguishes them from other pointed breeds.

They were given this name because of the appearance of their white, mittened paws, which give the impression that they have been covered in snow. It should come as no surprise that snowshoes and their Siamese ancestors share many characteristics.

They want to participate in everything that’s going on. In addition to that, they are perceptive, talkative, and often bored.

Turkish Angora

The magnificent Turkish angora typically has blue eyes, although they can also be green, gold, amber, or even bicolor. Blue is the most prevalent eye color for the Turkish angora.

This species of cat is distinguished by its large body and gleaming white coat. It is very friendly and affectionate, and it works best in a home where it will have company for the majority of the day.


The Siamese and the Burmese have both contributed to the creation of the Tonkinese. It has a gorgeous coloring that is silky and pointed, and its eyes can be blue, aqua, or yellow-green depending on the individual.

These felines have a propensity for being quite affectionate toward their owners as well as exceedingly lively. They are not as talkative as Siamese, but they will express how they are feeling when they want to.

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