9 Signs You Truly Madly Deeply Love Him

Love is something that we all desire. We are hardwired to not just want it, but also to require it for survival. There is just one word in the English language that can convey different meanings of love. We say “I love you” to family, friends, and the individual with whom we are in a relationship. Depending on who you say it to, the single sentence can have a variety of meanings.

When it comes to your family, it’s simple to define love. Blood creates a deep link that can never be broken. While you may not always enjoy your family and they may irritate you, you will always adore them. In most circumstances, it is unconditional.

It’s very simple to define your feelings towards your friends. This is the love you choose to give. It is when you are so close to a friend that you consider them to be a member of your family. You have an emotional attachment to that individual and can never imagine them not being a part of your life.

But what exactly does telling your boyfriend or girlfriend that you love them mean? What exactly does it mean to be in love, and how do you know you’re in love? Clearly, there is a distinction between the two definitions of love, as we have all heard individuals state that they love someone but aren’t in love with them.

When I tell my partner that I love him, it signifies that I’m not only in love with him but also love him. Here’s what love is and what it means to tell someone you love them.

Here are 9 signs you truly, madly, deeply love him:

1. He’s consistently present in your thoughts

He’s always at the back of my thoughts, no matter what I’m doing. He is the first thing that comes to mind when I wake up in the morning and the last thing that comes to mind before I fall asleep at night. When anything amusing occurs, he is the first person I want to inform.

2. You don’t sleep as well if you’re not in the same bed as him

The ease of falling asleep close to him provides a sense of serenity and security that I do not experience on my lonesome. And I don’t sleep as well when I don’t fall asleep or wake up next to him.

3. You can’t picture your life without him

This is significant. While this is part of the definition of friendship love, it differs when it comes to a lover. I’m not in love with a guy if I can’t envision myself walking down the aisle, raising children, and becoming old with him. But, if I look at my life and realize it would be completed without him, I know I’m in love.

4. He’s the first person you want to call if you need help or support

On a terrible day, the only place I want to be is in his arms. Or, if I can’t fix the leaky faucet myself, I phone him before calling the plumber. I want his support and assistance before I look for someone else.

5. You value his happiness more than your own

I can’t be happy if he isn’t happy. When I am willing to make significant sacrifices in my life to make him happy, I know I am in love.

6. You want an emotional AND physical connection

Not only do I want to be able to communicate to my boyfriend like I would a close friend, but I also want the physical connection that family and friends do not have. I can’t be in love with someone if I don’t have passion for them.

7. Home is where he is

As the saying goes, “home is where the heart is.” This is something I completely agree with. When I’m in love, I could be anywhere in the world as long as he’s physically present with me, and I’ll feel at home.

8. You love his flaws just as much as you love his positive traits

When I can look at him and know that I love all of his flaws (for example, the fact that he doesn’t always put the lid back on the toothpaste or that he occasionally doubts his ability to succeed) just as much as I love his strengths, I know I love him.

9. You want to be his support system

I want to be there for him when he needs someone to lean on, even if I am absolutely exhausted. I know I’m in love when my desire to assist him when things become bad never wavers, even when I’m going through a rough patch myself and feel like I have nothing else to give.

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