The Most Negative Zodiac Sign According to Astrologers

Astrology may influence whether you picture the glass as half full or half empty. Those in the latter category are typically the more emotional and strict zodiac signs. Sure, the bakery selling out of your favorite cake on your birthday is disappointing, but is it cause to spend the rest of the day moping? Is it worth sobbing over a coffee stain on your shirt? Perhaps for the pessimists among us, as even minor annoyances can elicit rage or depression. Continue reading for a breakdown of the most negative zodiac signs, ranging from slightly stubborn to totally pessimistic.


According to Marita Andreeva, resident astrologer for the Futurio app, Tauruses are grounded earth signs who prefer to be realists rather than pessimists, yet their obstinate nature can bring out the negativity.

Even if they actually need help, driven self-starters, according to Charlotte Kirsten, founder of the astrological blog Typically Topical, will rarely ask for it. As a result, they “come across as ultra-competitive.”

They are also highly reluctant to change, seeing only the negative aspects of a scenario if it takes them out of their comfort zone.


Pisces may be the gentle romantic of the zodiac, but their inclination to have their heads in the clouds, while adorable at times, can cause them to exaggerate situations. Kirsten claims that they are prone to internalize criticism and can unwittingly “take on a self-pity role,” causing them to frequently perceive the glass as half-full.
“As an emotional water sign, they tend to feel things deeply and may struggle with boundaries,” astrologer Rachel Clare of Mysticsense says. “They may also have a tendency to avoid confrontation and struggle with decision-making.”


This sign, like Taurus, is afraid of the unknown. “Virgos crave order, structure, and hierarchy, and while change can improve such systems, they’re acutely aware of all the potential negative consequences and side effects—usually before they’ve even occurred,” Kirsten explains.

According to Clare, their perfectionist tendencies can make them very dependable and hardworking, but “can also make them nitpicky and overly critical of themselves and others.” As they strive to relax, this may lead to worry and more negative thinking.


Cancer is commonly known as the most emotional sign in the zodiac. They are “highly empathic and nurturing towards others,” according to Clare. However, because they are a water sign ruled by the Moon, they are prone to “moodiness, emotional reactivity, and insecurity,” she says.

“Cancers can’t stop themselves from ‘feeling all the feels,'” says Kirsten, and as a result, they frequently let their emotional instincts and fears impact their overall perspective on circumstances. This can be “great in circumstances that require empathy, but disastrous in others.”


Capricorn, the sign ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline, is best known as the zodiac’s determined workaholic. “However, they may also be perceived as pessimistic, rigid, and unemotional,” Clare notes.

Their resolve to continue the course causes them to “see risks and ‘what ifs’ around every corner,” according to Kirsten. As a result, don’t expect them to participate in any unexpected activities.

Also, don’t expect them to reveal their genuine feelings. “Capricorns are generally reserved people who do not show their emotions,” explains Andreeva. Instead, they may criticize and isolate themselves from those around them.


Scorpio is widely regarded as the most pessimistic zodiac sign. They are an emotional water sign, similar to Cancer and Pisces. They, like Capricorn, keep their emotions pent up. “Scorpios typically have a hard time trusting others because of past hurt,” says Kirsten.

They “expect a dirty trick everywhere and have a slightly pessimistic view of the world,” adds Andreeva, because they are so wary of everyone.

However, when they believe they have been wronged, their emotional intensity skyrockets. “Scorpios are also very likely to hold grudges or become vindictive,” Clare continues, adding that they can “sometimes be seen as possessive, jealous, and controlling.”

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