The Meanest Zodic Sign

Some folks are absolute jerks. They speak and do nasty things on the spur of the moment and don’t care who they hurt. Acting maliciously may not be their intention, but it frequently appears that way. Whether they’re making fun of you or excluding you outright, such things hurt. It’s conceivable you caught them on a bad day, but if their cruel streak persists, astrology could be to blame. Continue reading to learn about the cruelest zodiac signs, ranging from slightly berating to utterly unkind.


Aquarius may appear to be cruel since they make decisions based on intellect rather than emotion. They lack empathy in the same way that others do, making them appear cold. True, they have a strong knowledge of what people require, but they don’t always know how to provide it in the most pleasant manner.

Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and proprietor of Ryan’s Astrology, says these people are completely honest. They never hide their genuine thoughts and feelings, therefore what they say may contain thorns rather than flowers.

“Aquarius definitely has a fine line to walk, because they don’t want to suppress themselves, but at the same time, they need to learn that not everything they think is necessary to say, especially if they’re dealing with someone who is in a vulnerable state,” he says.


Despite their kindness and caring attitude, Leos can have a cruel streak if they are not careful. “Damage a Leo’s ego, hurt them or their loved ones, and you’ll feel their wrath,” says Tara Bennet, an astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat.

They are intensely protective of themselves and others they care about, sometimes to the point of being overprotective. They also don’t take criticism well, so if they feel threatened, they’ll lash out reflexively.

“They’ll make themselves bigger while simultaneously making you feel smaller, and it can be condescending,” adds Marquardt. Because their furious lion normally sleeps, it’s best not to irritate these firecrackers.


“Virgos never come out and say what’s bothering them; instead, they’ll create an atmosphere of negativity,” Bennet adds. They can’t help but notice defects in everything because they’re always striving for perfection. Consider being nitpicky, judgmental, and too critical.

If they feel they are losing control of something, their cruel side will really show. Being in command is essential, and the spiral begins when things don’t go as planned. They may wind up becoming cruel to others simply because they want others to feel as horrible as they do.


Capricorn desires achievement in all aspects of their lives. They’re perceived as cruel right away since they don’t mind pushing others aside if it means getting successful. “They are masters at inspiring others, but they can be a little pushy,” adds Bennet. “If they become frustrated with the complacency of others, they can become mean.”

Because their ruling planet, Saturn, is a pessimistic planet, their attitude on life is harsher and less understanding than others, according to Marquardt.

Working alone is preferable for these worker bees, so try to stay out of their way. Even the sweetest Capricorns can be cruel if they feel it is necessary.


Aries is a little rough around the edges, and they will not hold back in order to spare your feelings. They have no idea how to not be in control, and they will seize control of a situation by force.
These fire signs are not only aggressive, but also competitive on a whole other level. Because they are dominated by Mars, the planet of strife, they never turn down a challenge.

“Aries despises losing and can quickly turn into bullies if they believe a team member is impeding a win,” Bennet explains. As the first sign of the zodiac, they don’t take second best very well, and they’re not afraid to be cruel if it gets them to their desired outcome.


Scorpio is a very calculated sign. They always do things on purpose, which may involve causing harm to others. They are the cruelest zodiac sign for a variety of reasons. They, like Aries, can become aggressive, but Scorpios will sit with their wrath and plan methods to use it against you.

“They easily hold grudges and fantasize about their revenge stories,” explains Marquardt. Scorpios do not trust easily, and if you betray their trust, they may become ruthless in order to reclaim it.

These water signs are easily envious and will not hesitate to lash out if you have what they desire. They are quite perceptive, so they can figure out what provokes you. They will press your buttons and transgress your boundaries without hesitation.

“At the bare minimum, they take the ‘eye for an eye’ approach in an effort to make you feel as bad as they do, but they can also go way beyond that point,” Marquardt explains.

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