What Super Mario Bros Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The Super Mario characters, with their individual designs and personalities, fit perfectly into the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Aries – Mario

Mario exemplifies some of the characteristics that distinguish Aries, bringing his signature vigor to everything he does. Mario, like many Aries, is always ready for the call to action and will not hesitate to take on large undertakings such as defeating Bowser.

Aries people are known for their independence, which Mario frequently takes advantage of. While he may struggle more with challenges that cannot be handled by running and jumping, whatever the aim, Mario will do his absolute best to achieve it.

Taurus – Rosalina

Rosalina is one of Mario’s most distinctive characters, despite certain things that don’t make sense. Rosalina’s most obvious relationship to the Taurus sign is her caring and protective character, as evidenced by her friendship with the Lumas and construction of a home for them.

Rosalina, like Taureans, is the ideal companion. Rosalina, who is always understanding, identifies with the Luma’s objective of finding their mother as they go on their adventure together. Stubbornness is another trait closely associated with the Taurus zodiac sign. While this can have bad consequences, Rosalina demonstrates how unwavering dedication can be beneficial.

Gemini – Princess Peach

Princess Peach from the Super Mario games is an excellent example of the value of emotional intelligence, as it has enabled her become the gentle and well-loved monarch of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Though Peach being abducted is a tiresome Mario game cliché, she usually manages to adapt to her situation, sometimes using her social skills to get by until she can obtain aid. Peach demonstrates her Gemini-like intelligence and ingenuity when she finally obtains the agency she requires.

Cancer – Toad

While not the most active character in the Mario universe, Toad demonstrates his excellent intuition by being the first to notice when something goes amiss. Toad, on the other hand, is prickly and prone to outbursts under duress, displaying both sides of the Cancer zodiac.

However, there is a lot to adore about the Cancer traits that Toad exhibits when he’s in his element, such as his commitment and dedication to his buddies. Toad excels in roles that allow him to demonstrate his abilities as a thinker and organizer, such as when he leads games in the Mario Party series.

Leo – Donkey Kong

While it may seem strange to think of video games’ most renowned gorilla as a lion, Donkey Kong perfectly fulfills the traits of a Leo. Donkey Kong is a natural leader, and he is the center of attention wherever he goes. Donkey Kong, like many Leos, would struggle to blend into the backdrop.

Donkey Kong’s height and charm allow him to demand the attention of others, and despite his emotional and violent outbursts, he is usually an excellent role model. Donkey Kong’s character strength, along with his physical strength, can lead to his walking all over others without realizing it, yet he still symbolizes the best aspects of the Leo sign.

Virgo – Bowser

Despite being driven by passion on the surface, Bowser actually shares many qualities with the Virgo zodiac when his actions are considered.

The extent of Bowser’s nefarious schemes, for example, indicates a very diligent worker and a fierce organizer, Virgo attributes that he would prefer hide under his frightening façade. Unfortunately, his rage and emotion are also examples of what might happen when a Virgo’s best-laid plans come apart.

Libra – Toadette

Toadette is typically in the background when she appears in Mario games, making it easy to forget that she is one of the most frequently returning characters. Toadette is nearly often the one who brings people together in games like Mario Party when she does appear.

This alone qualifies her as a Libra, but she is also almost always the calmest and sweetest person there when she does get to speak. Toadette’s brilliance and devoted personality, like many Libras, open opportunities for her and contribute significantly to her popularity in the Mario franchise.

Scorpio – Princess Daisy

Daisy’s unusual personality places her in the Scorpio sign, as she is less appropriate and much more straightforward than her counterpart, Princess Peach. Daisy is perfectly self-aware, with her floral motif and tomboyish character, and she is never hesitant to be herself and let everyone else know who she is.

Scorpios may be abrupt or even unpleasant without wanting to be, and Daisy’s competitive drive in sports games like Mario Tennis 64 and the Mario Kart series reflects this part of the sign.

Sagittarius – Yoshi

There aren’t many signs with such distinct characteristics that they can express themselves without ever speaking, but the adventurous Sagittarius is one of them. Yoshi may not be able to explain it verbally, but the dinosaur fits perfectly into the stereotypes of the Sagittarius sign by always appearing in unusual places and never appearing anything other than bright and cheerful.

Yoshi possesses the Sagittarius traits of loyalty and optimism, and he is always prepared to assist his friends, no matter how much trouble they are in. Even if Yoshi could speak, it’s difficult to image him ever complaining when he can just push past any issue.

Capricorn – Kamek

Though he is sometimes overlooked, Kamek the ancient, magic-wielding Koopa is one of the most memorable adversaries to emerge in the Super Mario games. Kamek distinguishes himself from his classmates, as Capricorns frequently do, by utilizing his intelligence. Kamek is wise enough to use his ability to save others before flying to safety without putting himself in danger.

As one of Bowser’s right-hand men, Kamek is an ambitious Koopa, yet on Yoshi’s Island, he exhibits a very surprising Capricorn feature in which he becomes a caregiver and nurturer to Baby Bowser.

Aquarius – Diddy Kong

Despite being the smaller and younger of the two, Diddy Kong has undoubtedly gone his own way since his debut as Donkey Kong’s sidekick. Aquarius people value their independence, and Diddy Kong is no exception, having appeared in his own games and earning his own position in games such as Mario Kart.

In Diddy Kong’s Super Nintendo titles, he also demonstrates his ability to solve difficulties imaginatively and, in classic Aquarius flair, manages to imbue everything he does with his own distinct style.

Pisces – Luigi

Pisces is an emotional sign, and unfortunately for Luigi, he is frequently placed in situations that bring his emotions to the surface. While he battles with his own worries, Luigi is always there for his friends and family, displaying the sensitive side that Pisces is known for.

Luigi gets to address situations in his own way in games like Luigi’s Mansion, often dealing with things more quietly than his brother, who is more action-oriented. Luigi’s approach reveals his intelligence, which may be a strong instrument when used properly.

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